Hello Picklers.

Welcome to the first ever Pickle Finance community blog.

I hope it is a great resource to stay up to date with what’s been going on and celebrate the community.

Let’s dive into the brine!

PIP 17 Enacted, BTC + DAI Rewards Boosted

PIP 17 went into effect, re-allocating 5% of rewards from the PICKLE/ETH LP (70% — 65%) to prenBTCCRV (5% — 8%) and pDAI (2% — 4%).

This proposal makes Pickle a highly attractive option for those keeping their funds in BTC, so spread the word today!

Withdrawal Fees Removed

The community passed a vote removing withdrawal fees with 85.33% support.

This will make using Pickle’s pools even more attractive and raise total value locked. …


Will Brealey

Writing about Ethereum and DeFi

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